Well, the album is nearing to the end…ish. This Hymn Writers Project: Volume Two has proved to be a challenge. With almost zero hymns of George Bennard out there on the internet (save The Old Rugged Cross and Speak, My Lord), I had to basically start from scratch. I took the sheet music from a book, “Bennard’s Melodies,” plugged it into a program to listen to it and played by ear! It’s turning out better than I had hoped for so far. I credit my Lord for that. He has blessed me so richly through my music! I never would have thought I’d be where I’m at. Were it not for grace, I don’t know where I’d be!

I have titled the new album “Crimsoned.” Taken from a verse in the song “The Crimson Cross” (props to Caleb and Levi for the awesome work on that song).

That crimson cross majestic stands
Pointing the way to fairer lands
Illumined from the throne of God
And crimsoned by His precious blood.

If it weren’t for that holy blood that crimsoned the cross, there would be no redemption for man! I was asking myself what the theme of this album was. It’s definitely the cross. That Old Rugged Cross. That Crimson Cross. That Cross of Love.

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