Calling All Artists!

Calling All Artists


Album art can be a photo, graphic art, painting, drawing, any original art that is not copyrighted.

I can send some demos of some of the songs that will appear on the album to you. I trust you will not distribute these songs, even if I have them posted elsewhere. All of these songs will be original songs that I have written, so I want an original flair to the artwork as well.

Words or titles are not necessary, but can be used if you think it’ll be appropriate for the art. I plan on adding the title and words myself, unless your submission is awesome. If you have an album name you want to pass to me, feel free!

You can send me a message or email me with your work. If it is a physical piece of art, I would prefer a really good photograph or photocopy made if I cannot obtain the original.

If your artwork is chosen, you will be credited in the album. You will also win free copies of all my CD’s: A Great Sudden Storm of Thunder, Crimsoned, The Apostle of the Gentiles Soundtrack, Parachute Hearts (EP), and THIS NEW ONE! (Also, a new-release of me and my brother’s instrumental album that may come out shortly after this one, if not before).

If your artwork is not chosen for the album cover, fret not! Your art still may be used for the inside of the case, face of the disc, or something else involving this album!

I will be posting all entries to social media unless you specifically tell me you do not want yours posted.

By submitting an entry through private message or email, you agree to me to be able to use the artwork in conjunction with this album how I see fit within reason.

Rules, terms, and contest can and may be changed without notice at any time. I reserve the right to turn down any entries if I deem it inappropriate or distasteful.

Bonus point for using the likeness of a moth. Just saying.

Submissions can be made to the following:

Private message through the Mark Van Unen Music Facebook page


Happy creating!

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