Profile Pic 2018Hey everybody, it’s Mark! When you listen to my music, you’ll hear homespun folk songs that tell of Jesus’ love, a journey of a man saved by grace, and the stories of a life well lived.

I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. I also record my own music in my home studio. I do things a little different and  consider myself as a non-conventionalist.

I started writing songs and playing guitar in high school. Ever since, I’ve been picking up more instruments. In November of 2009, my now-wife Anna led me to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and I trusted Him as my savior. I then turned my music over God after hearing Benjamin Everson’s message on “The Power of Music.”

I am married to my beautiful wife Anna, and have two amazing daughters, Zelda and Juliet and a son, Fox. Sometimes Anna will even play the flute or sing with me. We currently live in Midland, Michigan and are serving members at an amazing church. You’ll even hear my twin brother, Bran, play along!

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