Recommended Listening

As a musician, I love to promote other musicians’ works.  They are an important part of my music and spiritual growth, and I want to share them with you.

Ben Everson Music

“Evangelist Ben Everson is known as the One-Man Quartet, specializing in a cappella music.  He is a gifted communicator of the Word of God, and uses his unique personal style to encourage Baptistic Christians to reach their full potential for Christ.” This music is very encouraging and inspiring. His music and preaching actually turned me to change my music for the Lord.


McCloskey Family Ministries

The McCloskey’s ministry spans from music training to radio to evangelist work. They sing some good music with a touch of southern gospel. This is really encouraging, uplifting music!

Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller travels with her husband, Evangelist Paul Miller, and her 10 children. She writes and preforms her own songs. The first time I heard her and her children sing, I was hooked and their music is very encouraging and uplifting!

 Forever Be Sure


Forever Be Sure (FBS for short) to me is catchy, fun and God honoring all at the same time. I find FBS’s music filled with creative vocals, fine music, and encouraging messages. They compose and arrange their own music all to the glory of God.



The McCormick Music Ministry

The McCormicks are REACH International “Missionaries to the Church,” which hits close to home, since REACH is based from my church. Their ministry performs special music as well as provides support for choirs, soloists, and groups. They make awesome music!

Midland Baptist Church

The ministries at this church are outstanding! Check out their new website for audio sermons and video services and classes for your continuing in God’s word!

Grace Baptist Bible Institute


A free Bible Institute that helps you study the words of God. “It’s free just like eternal life.”

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